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EasyQuickWeb creates both custom and pre-designed template websites. The primary distinction between the two is the budget. A custom website is created for larger budgets, while templates are used for smaller budget designs to save you money. But don't be worried. We have a large selection of templates that will make your website stand out from the crowd every time.
Some web design firms believe in designing websites for specific industries. This can be advantageous because they will have a better understanding of your industry's specific requirements. 
EasyQuickWeb has a policy of avoiding conflicts of interests to the best of its ability. We will not accept another client from the same industry if you are receiving SEO, social media, or other specialized services from us.
Never accept a website that is not fully mobile responsive. To be competitive in nearly every industry in this mobile era, you must have a mobile-friendly website.

Every website created by EasyQuickWeb will be mobile friendly. We will thoroughly test your website on a variety of devices and sizes to ensure that it is always usable.
EasyQuickWeb can help you learn more about mobile web design.
Our entire team will thoroughly vet your website with our quality assurance checks before making it "live" (meaning that it is accessible to the general public).
Our quality assurance check will catch the majority of errors on the site.
If anything goes wrong with your site after it goes live, simply email or call us to request a fix.
This repair could be billed at our hourly rate.
The integration of social media into your website should be an automatic part of any web development process.
It takes very little time and can be extremely beneficial to your business.
However, some businesses will not include social media links unless you specifically request them. Always inquire about social media integration.
EasyQuickWeb will add as many or as few links as you want to your social media accounts.
Many of our designs also include social media streams, allowing visitors to see your most recent Facebook posts or tweets right on your website.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be a simple or complex process. It has many moving parts that can take a long time to finalize properly. To truly get the most out of your website, EasyQuickWeb recommends signing a contract for ongoing SEO work.
Despite the fact that many businesses and freelancers advertise SEO services, you and your website may not be receiving the best services.
EasyQuickWeb provides SEO services in a variety of packages. You can receive one-time services to ensure that your site is ready to serve you and your company.
We also provide ongoing services to keep your search rankings high over time.
Many web companies or freelancers do not provide content writing services. Not everyone is a writer, and writing website content differs from writing other types of content. If you do not intend to write the content yourself, we recommend hiring a professional content writer.
Fortunately for you, EasyQuickWeb employs writers. We can collaborate with you to create a sitemap and write the content for your new website. Content creation can be included in your web package, but there may be an additional fee. To avoid extra charges, make sure to discuss your content writing requirements before signing your contract.
The time it takes to build a website varies greatly from project to project and from company to company. Freelance designers may be able to create a website more quickly, but they may also charge more.

Many freelancers and businesses have a typical timeframe of 6-12 weeks. This is also heavily dependent on the type of project. Smaller websites take less time, whereas larger websites with e-commerce solutions may take significantly longer.

EasyQuickWeb websites usually take 2-3 hours to complete.
Some businesses do not always offer services for logo design. Others include it as part of their standard offering. When working with a freelancer or a web design company, knowing what you want is critical.
Our EasyQuickWeb designers have experience with logo design, which can be included in your website package. If you do not want a logo, we can work with you to design a logo for your website.
EasyQuickWeb can help you learn more about logo design.
You will be trained on how to make future updates to your website once it is completed and live.
This includes editing the majority of images and content. To avoid breaking the website, some content will be locked.
The majority of the content and images on your homepage and other pages, on the other hand, will be fully editable. If you ever need assistance, please contact us by phone or email.
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